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Specializing in pizza.


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Tried clams and fisherman's platters and both were excellent. Fish was nicely battered and not over cooked. I wasn't sure what type of fish I wanted and was completely satisfied with variety on fisherman's plate which was abundantly full. Made a special request for spicy well cooked fries and they were done to my liking. Also requested special dressing dippers (which were excellent as well) for zucchini sticks and got exactly what I asked for. Nice that my online ordering instructions were paid attention to and met to my satisfaction. Food was hot, flavorful, and as expected. Delivery was quick considering it was a Saturday at the peak of a down-pouring rain storm. I will be fixing my seafood cravings again at Alamo. Happily look forward to trying many other things too. Keep up the good work Alamo.


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Real fresh seafood however served with steak fries not french fries. Also Styrofoam packaging reduced the crispness of fries and fish. I will order boxed seafood after this. interesting cole slaw no mayo but tangy flavor and crispy cabbage. I asked fish and fries in brown paper bags which I get at other venues. But there were 4 of us with tacos and burgerand everyone happy with quality of food.


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This place was amazing. The roast beef was great, they were prompt and courteous, and I loved the fries. The salad we got was fresh...and the barbecue sauce was probably the most fantastic barbecue I've ever had. So order from here!


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There is a reason this place is one of my go-to restaurants. Not only is the food delicious and the orders accurate, there is a large variety on the menu and they usually arrive sooner than expected.


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O...M...Gosh! Their food is delicious! And FRESH too! Thank God. I am always nervous when I order meat products out. Their roast beef sandwiches and steak tips are SO good.

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great food and price

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